Don’t Waste my Time!

There are really important things we should be doing!

Cheshire West and Chester Full Council Meetings are often mostly very boring, too long and only necessary in part but this one takes all the biscuits and the cookie barrel too.

Apart from the necessary but boring reports that have to be considered we have some additional issues to consider and one of them is filling my inbox with emails that are fervently for or against an irrelevant activity I don’t support and yet is quite legal.

The issue is that the Council should ban trail hunting on Council land. I am still trying to find out if trail hunting actually does take place on Council land at all! That’s right we may spend ages (and public money) debating whether a legal activity should be banned from doing something that it doesn’t do. If I moved to ban things I disapprove of but tolerate it would be a pretty long list. You have the right to do things I don’t like but if its harmful we regulate it.

A further motion is brought by councillors who work or used to work in the public sector, one is a trade union official. They are concerned about public sector pay. Frankly I am concerned about the entire local economy and all residents.

Honestly, I have better things to do! I have residents who need help, flooded lanes to report, road surfaces that are overdue for repair, shops closing and businesses failing – to say nothing of the pandemic and people who are sick, frightened or even bereaved.

I love being a councillor when I can help people or communities. I absolutely hate meetings where people like to make political points and hear themselves speaking.

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