New Wave Resolutions?

What are yours?

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The lessons learnt from the first wave of Covid19 and how we can cope better in future

During the lockdown I learnt a lot of things and I am still learning more. Personally I need to learn that even if I don’t look at food while I am eating it, it will still add some calories to my daily intake and it gets stored somewhere. Also…wine is not a fruit!

I learnt that there is still a lot we don’t know, even the cleverest in the land don’t know it all and they are still learning. Maybe we should all follow their example?

I hope people will learn that buying crazy amounts of loo paper (or other items) doesn’t really see you through a siege by a virus that apparently mostly affects the lungs and blood clotting. It does make sense, though, to ensure that you aren’t perpetually on the point of running out of the basics that can be stored without going off.

Most of us got through it but not everyone did so unscathed. There are a lot of us who seem completely well and strong but under the surface this isn’t always the case. Even the strongest can suffer mental stress and I think we all need to continue to be kind and to be good neighbours. Social media is somewhere it is so easy to hurt people whose circumstances we can never truly know. It is too easy to turn a difference of opinion into an offensive, personal feud.

BUT the biggest and best thing I discovered…..was that there are so many wonderful people (and some businesses) in the community prepared to give up time and energy and space and ideas to create a network of support and a project that gave us optimism and some fun. I am, of course, referring to the helplines and the people who fetched and delivered food and medicine and comforted the worried and the lonely AND those who made the Sunflower Project happen! Thank you to all of you.

I wonder whether we have the energy and time to start a new project beautifying the village and giving us all something positive to look forward to in the new year? I wonder if we could plant spring bulbs on the verges of the village? I can supply some and hope to work with the Parish Council(s) to this end

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