Saving Jobs, Creating Opportunities

This Could be your chance!

The government is looking for projects that could be started with a minimum of delay that will get the economy going once it is safe to do so. Apparently they have written to elected mayors, Local Enterprise Partnerships and business leaders (?) for short term job creation ideas. (I am going to refrain from pointing out that the proposed nursing home would have done exactly this and more and not just for the short term…)

I believe in a more grassroots up approach and appeal to you, if you have such viable ideas to pass them onto me or the MP or the Council. I really don’t care who gets the credit for this I just want to look after the people and jobs of the Tarporley area in any way I can. Do remember that great ideas that will take years to develop because of finance or bureaucratic or practical hurdles aren’t what is being sought just at the moment.

In Staffordshire the Council has been proactive in working with their partners to support small businesses and also help people who want to set up their own businesses as new opportunities arise or because they have lost their existing jobs. Starting a business for the first time is a daunting prospect and advice can be hard to come by as can the right premises. Advice on health and safety, finance, employment law, environmental health and planning regulations can be hard to find when your don’t always know what you should prioritise but the local Council often has precisely those departments who could offer positive and timely advice. Maybe there need to be more starter units for small businesses and you have some ideas about how to bring these into being? Maybe you have been longing to start your own business and have a cracking idea for something suddenly relevant to the new world we are facing?

I know that Tarporley Parish Council is mindful of the risks that loom for our local economy and I commend them for their initiatives in putting Tarporley on the map as the heart of the Sandstone Ridge, boosting the village’s image with the Sunflower planting project and with working with Cheshire West and Chester Council to try to make the High Street more Covid19 safe by exploring the possibility of a one way system that would allow social distancing and possibly, al fresco dining and drinking. It seems such a shame that the bus company is being unhelpful in this regard but we will work together to try to find a solution.

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