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UPDATE!! The petition is now online at

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I love books and libraries! I have done for as long as I can remember and I love the on-line Summer Reading challenge for children. I miss being able to go to the library.

It seems to me that, now that shops and zoos are about to be allowed to open its time that our public libraries were also open! At a time when so many people are self isolating or trying to keep children entertained and learning and not spending all day staring at screens the libraries would be a welcome service to have again.

I am sure our ingenious and dedicated library staff could find ways to accept returned books into quarantine. They could suggest suitable books for all ages to reduce the number of books that get handled and I can’t really see social distancing being a big problem. I imagine we’d all be happy to sanitise our hands and observe the 2metre rule

If you have children at home please join the national summer reading challenge at https;//

It is a genuine scheme and is devised to spread fun and happiness. We could all do with a good dose of that!

If you are interested in supporting this I have submitted and electronic request for a petition to Cheshire West Council and will update when this goes live

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