Making Cycling Safer

It is becoming clear that the “New Normal” of a post Covid19 world will include sweeping and long lasting changes. One change that will also benefit the environment is the push to make it safer to cycle and walk. I believe that e-scooters must also be an option.

In order to ensure that these modes are truly healthier and more attractive it is also a matter of urgency that the existing road, pavement and cycleways are put into a good state of repair. Potholes are even more of a hazard to a cyclist, motor cyclist or e-scooter user than they are to four wheeled vehicles.

I am therefore calling on Cheshire West and Chester Council to do a number of things.

  1. Make the repair of cycle paths, pavements and roads that are used for cyclists for commuting as well as recreation a priority
  2. Join me in lobbying parliament and our Members of Parliament to ensure that sufficient funding is available to meet this priority
  3. Consider where there are some areas where footpaths can safely be shared. I have in mind the stretches of main roads where there are pavements that are very seldom used at all.
  4. Consider whether the gaps in existing routes can be made safe and cycle paths linked up
  5. Provide more cycle racks. There are busy market towns and villages that have none.
  6. Update the Council’s existing cycling strategy found here

For the future I would also like consideration to a policy change that would give cyclists priority in, for example 20mph zones. This would need consultation and joint working and may even be found to be unworkable but until we try it won’t happen at all.

Birch Heath Road in Tarporley, a route frequented bu leisure cyclists
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