Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Of course it is too soon and probably foolish to start predicting the end of shutdown and the lifting or restrictions. That doesn’t mean that we should neglect to raise our eyes and scan the horizon, thinking about what can change and what adaptations may be needed.

I have been especially heartened by the signs that local enterprises are being innovative and finding ways to keep us fed and well. For some it has been a baptism of fire, requiring them to work very long hours, adapt and invest.

(none of the numerous cliches are my own but I do like them!)

Let me remind you of a couple of examples.

Rose Farm Shop in Utkinton have made enormous changes closing some of the shops and using the space to develop a click and collect service as well as delivering to people who are self isolating. The people working there have worked harder and longer than ever and the shop has been a godsend. This is to take nothing away from all the other shops like the Spar shop and the Co-op who have been overwhelmed at times and have had to try to introduce new ideas like safe spacing of customers, not all of whom are co-operative. The Pharmacy and the Post Office have also been quietly heroic in their own ways.

Just today there comes the great news that Tarporley Garden Centre are changing so that everything they sell can be delivered locally. This has meant they are recruiting a new member of staff and changing the way they do almost everything.

In all this lets not forget the numerous businesses I haven’t mentioned, life has been tough for them and when we can we should remember them and shop LOCALLY. Lets also not forget the farming businesses for whom there is no let up in the need to constantly produce the food we all need. Not only have they been subject to the vagaries of the English weather but some have had further uncertainty when their big food processing customers have suddenly decided that they can’t buy the milk or the spuds.

A hat tip too to The Old Fire Station Chocolate Shop where Sandra and Charles delighted residents by giving away some of their delectable Easter Eggs.

I am not ignoring the obvious heroes like the local doctor’s surgeries and other public services who have adapted, worked hard and served us in very difficult times.

With spirit and imagination and sheer hard work like this they surely all deserve our thanks and our custom in future. We should all appreciate them and support them but it also tells me that with spirit and imagination and sheer hard work we will pull through and rebuild. Its not going to be easy but I do wish you all the very best for the future!

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