Getting Back to Normal

How many times a day do we all just long for things to get back to normal, to the way things were before this ghastly virus took its toll of lives and peace of mind and dreams? I do. However, as an optimist, I turn to look at the things we have learnt from all this. My Granny always used to say (and sing), “Count your blessings, name them one by one”. Can anything good have come out of this terrible time? I am going to try to name a few….

  1. People (including me I have to admit) have learnt to really wash our hands properly! A medic recently told me that cases of intestinal parasites in children have fallen dramatically). As a society we may have learnt habits that will reduce future epidemics of flu.
  2. We have learnt to appreciate the people on the frontline. I don’t mean just the magnificent NHS workers but also the care workers and the shopkeepers and the binmen. The people who keep the shelves stacked and our services working. Thank you to them all!
  3. We have learnt to appreciate the local produce whether its a pint of fresh milk, a fresh cabbage or some eggs or apples or a jar of honey. So many people go out every day in all weathers to keep us fed and healthy. I have never before been so grateful for fresh milk. Thank you British farmers!
  4. We have seen volunteering and neighbourliness at levels I haven’t seen in my lifetime. The harnessing of talents and kindness by local groups and charities has been outstanding. Even people were are, themselves, in isolation have helped enormously by ringing anxious residents and organising home deliveries of medicine or urgently needed food. I hope that some of this community spirit endures and enriches us all in future. Our parish councils have played out outstanding role in this regard.

There is more I am certain but enough for today

Good things don’t come from dark times without us individually deciding that we will make the future better.

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