Watching CWaC Cabinet

The Local Government Act of 2000 introduced new local government arrangement including the formation of council cabinets that have executive powers to operate within the policies and budgets set by Full Council which is the meeting of all the elected councillors. The next meeting of the cabinet is at 10am on the 15th January in the Committee Meeting Room at Ellesmere Port Library and, among other things, they will be reviewing the Council’s performance. Members of the public may attend and, subject to advance notice, speak. The meeting is also webcast

You will find the agenda here..

Below is a very brief extract from the documents that I thought might be of interest to people who may have read in the papers that the Council was facing a financial black hole. It seems that the finances have been brought onto a more even keel though there are other issues of concern still.

One reason this matters to Tarporley is that may mean that the small budget that each councillor has for problem solving in their ward won’t disappear. In recent years I have used the budget to fund things like closing the High Street to allow the carnival to take place, contributing to funding the MUGA play area in Eaton, community notice boards, litter picking tools for Little Budworth volunteers and many more

I know that many people will find the topic convoluted, impenetrable and just plain boring but it is a facet of a councillor’s role when we aren’t wearing reindeer headdresses or planting trees or attending parish council meetings etc

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