An explanation

Some of you may have wondered at my recent (relative) silence. Firstly I thought there was enough airwave clutter with everyone wishing their contacts a Happy Christmas. I hope you did have a good Christmas and I do wish you all health and happiness for 2020.

More to the point, I did not get involved in campaigning in the General Election as I know that I have support from across the political spectrum and as an independent councillor it is my primary ambition to represent you all and also to work with whoever else is elected to represent this area.

I intend to keep you up to date with my work on your behalves but you will always find more immediate news on the Tarporley Ward Matters. This is simply because it is a very easy to use medium to post snippets of news and photographs where relevant.

If you want to contact me about council matters then please use my council email address.

I know its a long one but copy and paste.

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