Here’s an idea…or two

There is an old idea, now updated, that can make it possible for children to play safely in the streets….just like they did in the old days before there was so much traffic on residential roads. I want to know whether you would like to see it happen in your area? There are some reasonably quiet streets in this ward where the local children just don’t have an area in which they can get active, playing with their friends.

Please follow the link above and see what is involved and then let my know whether you would like to see it happen in your neighbourhood. It is more bureaucratic than it used to be but then we all know that the safety of our children is paramount.

I do have a “crazy idea” that I have voiced before and I wonder if you think it has potential? Would it be sensible to make some streets “pedestrian priority” streets where cars were expected, not only to travel slowly, but also to give way to pedestrians or cyclists. I do know of at least one street in Little Budworth where there are older residents who like to get out and about but find that cars going just 30mph can be intimidating. Would it be possible to change the order of precedence so that people came first?

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