A letter from “Sir”

Dear Tarporley Residents

However as a local councillor she has continued to use her experience and political acumen to work with her Parish Councils to further their objectives. This is a vital role for Borough Councillors in that Borough Officers are answerable to the Councillors and with Eveleigh having been both deputy leader and in opposition, the officers know her and respect her qualities. She has on numerous occasions brought Officers and Parish Councillors together and her manner in these meetings has always meant that things moved forward positively.

I’ve worked with her most closely on planning matters and her positions have always seemed to me to be correct. She has facilitated schemes such as Brook Road which saw permission for forty much needed and appreciated affordable houses and five acres for a sports field. More recently as chair of the allotments, I’ve worked with Eveleigh, the parish council and officers to secure the future of twenty five allotments, the bowling club and the car park on the RBL site. These benefits to the community are trade offs in exchange for permission to build sixty seven market value homes but to set them in place takes subtlety and compromise.

Politics is the art of the possible. Steering the ship through the troubled waters of conflicting interests, Eveleigh has shown herself to have the skills needed.

To place the above in context. I’ve lived and worked in Tarporley since 1975. I taught at the High School for 30years and been a governor at both schools. I was a parish councillor for 8 years. At heart I’m a liberal and believe in consensus and compromise.

James Blackford.

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