Local issues matter for Sue Webb

Sue Webb is a Tarporley resident who, in her words ‘has had the pleasure of living in the village with her family for 25 years’. She talks openly about her feelings on the pending local elections and why she’ll be voting for the independent candidate, Eveleigh Moore Dutton in these local elections

What has made you decide to back our independent candidate, Eveleigh Moore Dutton, in the local elections rather than a candidate from a party?

Although I have been a floating voter and voted for candidates from different parties during elections, party politics are not of interest to me when considering local candidates. I have a strong interest in environmental/sustainability issues and I’ve never wanted to vote on single issues, especially not in local elections. To me local elections are about people – looking after our neighbours and the communities we live in (as well as our environment).

What do you look for when considering local council candidates?

I would look to vote for someone who has demonstrated commitment, through ongoing involvement in the community, rather than someone who pops up at election time! Someone who has the time and commitment to work on behalf of the whole community – businesses, the elderly, young families, and residents…in ALL parts of the ward.

What would you say to residents if chatting about the local elections?

Get out there and vote! Forget the “big stuff” (like Brexit). Local issues matter!  When voting consider which candidate has the interests of YOU and YOUR neighbourhood at heart – I believe the role is best fulfilled by someone who is independent, not tied to any particular political party.

What will you say to Eveleigh next time you see her in the ward?

I am amazed at how one person can be so active in the community on so many different issues. She works tirelessly (often behind the scenes) on everything from road safety, public transport, to recycling and creating community orchards and resolving housing issues on behalf of vulnerable residents. There is no-one more dedicated, or better qualified to take on future challenges on behalf of us all.

Sue was interviewed by Caroline Hall

Sue and Jim Webb, pillars of the community
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