Debs says, “Please vote for Eveleigh”

Deb Jowett is a Tarporley resident who moved here from Newcastle Upon Tyne in 2003 with her husband and twins to be nearer to family. She talks openly about her feelings on the pending local elections and why she’ll be voting for the independent candidate, Eveleigh Moore Dutton in these local elections

What has made you decide to back our independent candidate, Eveleigh Moore Dutton, in the local elections rather than a candidate from another party?

Eveleigh knows the Ward and the people living in the Ward. She listens, she understands, and she acts. She will always try to help and if it is beyond her considerable powers, then she usually knows someone who can. She has a proven track record and is considerate, kind and approachable. She does not mislead or tell untruths to win favour. You can trust Eveleigh implicitly.

What do you look for when considering local council candidates?

I believe in the human touch, someone who can effectively represent us in the Council Chamber. Local, yes, but also someone who actually knows us and who listens respectfully and is able to work with a huge range of people in an imaginative and collaborative way because we really do achieve more working as a team. Someone who represents ALL the residents in the ward no matter which way they vote.

What would you say to residents if chatting about the local elections?

Don’t just take my word for it, please do research the other candidates. They were announced on 4th April and you can see who they are here. I am confident that after you have talked to each other, read the Tarporley News Election Special (Thursday 11th April) and taken to the internet, you will recognise and vote for the best person for the job!

 What will you say to Eveleigh next time you see her in the ward?

I have known of Eveleigh and the amazing work she has been doing for several years, but only met her in person recently. She is as lovely as I thought and ironically, we met face-to-face because the Conservative candidate had demonstrated that he was not in the least bit interested in listening to me or treating me with respect, so I wanted to tell her that she had my support and to ask if she would stand again! Thank you, Eveleigh, for your hard work and thank you for offering to continue! PLEASE VOTE FOR EVELEIGH!

Debs was interview by Victoria Adshead

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