Had enough? Then vote independent!

Peter Robinson, Little Budworth resident, born and raised in the area and local business owner talks about why although he’s traditionally a Conservative voter he’ll be voting for the independent candidate, Eveleigh Moore Dutton in these local elections.

Q1. Peter, you recently went public with your call for Eveleigh Moore Dutton to stand again as our independent candidate in the local elections on 2nd May. Now a lot of people will have thought that, with your experience in business, you would be a certain Conservative voter. What makes you back an Independent?

I have always been a Conservative supporter and probably will be again but I think that local elections are very different from national elections. Local elections are far more about the individual candidates, their track record, their experience of local government, business and life in general. I know there are many people who vote one way in a general election and another at the local level; its logical and I feel comfortable with endorsing this approach.

Q2. What are the particular attributes that help you decide who to vote for in local council elections?

Well as you know, Eveleigh has given the Parish Councils in the Tarporley Ward and the residents they represent the benefit of her experience time and time again. This knowledge coupled with her energy and enthusiasm for local community projects means that local people feel supported and empowered when trying to improve their local area whether that be planting trees and flowers, improving play areas or repairing roads. I know that she is keen to get better local bus services in the Tarporley Ward. This would help prevent rural isolation for older and younger residents and also support local businesses who would benefit from residents being able to reach them. This sort of approach really gives me confidence that she puts us first.

Q3. Do you have anything you would like to say to local residents?

Yes, get out there and vote when the elections come!!

Don’t leave it to everyone else to decide for you and don’t let a few people who don’t know you or your community decide who should represent you!

Q4. Do you have anything you would like to say to Eveleigh?

Yes I do. Eveleigh, I know you have worked very hard and selflessly over the past eight years. I know of local families you have helped when they didn’t know where to turn. Please stick with us and I am sure we will stick with you.

AND FINALLY…I was very disappointed in the way the local Conservatives refused to take account of Eveleigh’s record of service to the whole community when they were selecting a candidate for the May 2019 local elections. They seemed to think that because their members decided a change of face was required that was an acceptable reason to select a different candidate. However, this decision directly affects local residents but local people had no say in the selection! I know many local people feel Eveleigh has done, and is doing, a great job and have been angered by the Conservative selection process and outcome.

Interviewed by Caroline Hall


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