I apologise. Sometimes I forget that not everyone is on FaceBook and I often put something on FaceBook (Tarporley Ward Matters) just referencing something I am doing at that moment or commenting on something in the news and then like the conversation about HS2 it just takes off and hundreds of people are reading and commenting and I haven’t shared it with you here.

I don’t generally comment on national issues unless they are particularly relevant to the Tarporley Ward. I think this affects all of us

Poor value and not addressing local needs

I believe that HS2 offers poor value for money and I would prefer to see money invested in improving local rail services, stations and car parks or in making access to those stations easier and greener. For Tarporley residents it would make more sense to make it easier to commute to work via Delamere Station , Crewe or even a new station at Beeston if that was viable. Better local bus services such as the one I am working on (see another blog post on that topic) would definitely be welcome!

I know residents who commute to work in Manchester or at Manchester Airport and their commute is often a nightmare. It would be so much better to take their vehicles off the road or at least shorten the distance they drive. Better for people and better for our environment.

The HS2 proposal has grown out of all manageable budgets and doesn’t address our current needs for affordable accessible travel

For further reading on the topic your could read https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/03/23/hs2-should-scapped-says-treasury-chief-initially-signed-funding/

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