I listened to you!

Many thanks to the scores of people who have contacted me urging me to stand as your Independent candidate in the approaching local elections. I am enormously grateful for the support and gratitude you have shown me. I have considered it a great privilege to serve you as your councillor for the past eight years and I am proud to stand on my record of achieving with you and for you.

I look forward to putting myself forward as your candidate. I have unfinished work to do on your behalf and ideas for the future. However, I would like to assure you that I would not have decided to stand without your support.

In the interest of transparency let me be absolutely clear that I am NOT being funded by any political party or interest groups. I am funding this campaign myself (but I am NOT asking anyone for money). There are no men in grey suits with large chequebooks or call centres or computerised predictions of voting intentions. There will not be any 12 page newsletters giving you uncosted and vague promises. A stalwart and diverse group of friends are providing moral support and energy and that, coupled with your votes, is all I ask. This is a truly grassroots campaign.

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